July 6, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

Beth Waleski was recommended to us by a colleague and friend. We needed a teacher to teach our daughter how to play the flute. Beth came to our house for the lessons and was always prompt and well prepared. After just a few lessons, my daughter became more confident and even joined the concert band at her school. Recently, with Beth's support my daughter received 100% in her playing exam in Grade 9 Music. Beth also volunteered in my classroom. I am a Grade 2 teacher at St. Michael School in Oakville. Beth has a patient caring manner and worked wonderfully with the children. She supported my reading program by working with students in small groups and individually. She also worked with children who were struggling with their work. Beth is an excellent teacher. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kate O'Brien OCT

July 07, 2012

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Beth Waleski. I have known Beth for just about one year. My son took flute lessons with Beth beginning last September. The progress he made during his nine months with Beth as a teacher far exceeded any expectations I had and demonstrated to me what a wonderful teacher she is. Not only did my son developed essential skills as a flute player he gained confidence in himself. Playing and practicing the flute was not a chore but rather an activity he performed happily and voluntarily.

Beth was able to impart her enthusiasm and love of playing the flute onto my son. Rather than work directly from a flute lesson book, she would play different pieces of music and allow my son to choose what he wanted to learn. She customized the music and lessons to his current skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. By allowing him to choose the flute piece that he wanted to learn, he became part of the teaching process. My son had more incentive and motivation to practice and play. He would eagerly practice at home or anywhere else, even in a car! Once a flute piece was mastered, he was very enthusiastic about beginning his next new piece.

I was able to observe many of my son's lessons. This is where I witnessed the wonderful connection that developed between teacher and student. Beth would relish in my son's accomplishments and acknowledge each newly learned measure of music. She was very proud of each and every student as was evident during recitals. Each student, regardless of their level of knowledge, performed their flute piece with excitement and enthusiasm. It was evident that Beth encouraged each student to bring part of his or her own character into the music.

Beth is not only friendly and patient, but also is good at gauging his student's level of knowledge and ability. Her commitment to her students is evident. Beth sees each student as an individual and draws upon their strengths to teach them in ways that work best for them. She provided my son with several CDs of different flute pieces that they were working on, and also to introduce him to wider range of classical music written for flute. This allowed him hear how the music should be played and reinforced the lesson material.

Finally, Beth's dedication to teaching music is best reflected in a very high score that my son received on his RCM flute exam. My son scored 91 percent receiving First Class Standing with Highest Distinction.

I respect Beth for many of her qualities but most of all because she is able to connect with her students and customize their flute lessons according to their strengths. Beth is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated flute players out her students. I highly recommend Beth as a flute teacher and I congratulate any of her future students who can experience her contagious passion and love of music first hand.

Barbara Blonska